Methods - A Leading-Edge Mental Health Paradigm

Physiology and relationships are connected.

I work with a new paradigm for treating mental health diagnoses-- referred to as "the leading edge" of mental health. It draws from decades of research in the fields of developmental psychology (attachment theory), neuroscience, trauma, and pre-and perinatal psychology.

Working with one's own emotional and nervous system is the first step towards creating change.

I can interpret most medical mental health diagnoses within this framework. This developmental lens does not see pathology, but rather, views most all well-known disorders as the body and mind's normal response to stress. Health is viewed as existing in the system. Treatment unravels the layers of stress which interferes with health.

Treatment is designed to reestablish harmony between the brain and autonomic nervous system.

I integrate traditional forms of talk therapy with experiential work such as Gestalt and somatic (body based) techniques (i.e. Somatic Experiencing). Enactments, role play, chair work, and breath work are also used when appropriate. The issue of concern becomes very real in the room. All forms of work are done only with the express permission of the client. Core principles to establish and maintain trust are paramount.