Environment for Sessions

I create a warm and nurturing environment where clients feel safe to explore their deepest inner selves. Within this context, I provide a full range of clinical services to children and adults. I am able to address most issues which bring people to see a therapist.

What is Treated

These include (but are not limited to) general unhappiness; high stress level; anxiety; panic attacks; depression; ADHD and learning disabilities; mood disorders; behavior problems, including defiance; impulse control; obsessive and compulsive behaviors; difficulties with anger; divorce; loss and grief; parenting; family conflict; couple conflict; pre and perinatal trauma; difficult childhood; and adoption counseling. Early childhood development, attachment, trauma resolution, adoption, and pre and perinatal psychology are my specialties.

Child Psychotherapy

Parent Oriented Child Psychotherapy

I offer child psychotherapy which includes the parents. My model is called Parent Oriented Child Psychotherapy (POCP). Child psychotherapy is more about supporting the parent-child relationship, rather than supporting the therapist-child relationship.


Understanding human functioning at every stage of life.

Attachment is the key event in human development. It affects human functioning in all domains — sensory, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive — and at every stage of life. Health Begins in the Womb - early traumas can be repatterned and problems reduced or eliminated.

Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Treating all clinical concerns.

I draw from the field of pre and perinatal psychology in treating all clinical concerns. I have completed over 300 hours of professional training in this field, and have a strong grasp of how our pre and perinatal experience impacts all of human development, and most emotional and behavioral concerns.

Trauma Resolution

Working with many trauma-based concerns.

I offer an expanded definition of trauma, and can work with many trauma based concerns. I view many mental health issues as rooted in "developmental trauma", a disorder defined by Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk and his colleagues. Dr. Van der Kolk is recognized as the leading authority in the country on trauma. (See article on Developmental Trauma.)

Adoption Counseling

Counseling in all aspects of adoption.

I am uniquely qualified to offer adoption counseling in all aspects of adoption and at all stages of adoption — from the decision to adopt, to preparing to adopt, to parenting immediately after placement, to parenting until adulthood. I can also assist adult adoptees in strengthening their sense of self as it relates to their adoption experience.