About Pricing and Insurance

Pricing and Payments

Payment is requested at the session or at the beginning of the contract period. My official hourly fee is $150 per hour. When statements are created for insurance, or third party purposes, the statement will reflect this official fee. In practice, however, I offer the session for 1.5 hours at $150 to compensate for the fact that I am not an insurance provider, and for compatibility with my therapeutic model. Essentially I offer 30 minutes of time per session gratis. The initial official consultation is $175 per hour, and is offered at the same gratis policy of $175 for 1.5 hours. The fee for 2 hours is $200.

Exceptions to the official fees can be considered on a case by case basis.

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Though I am not an insurance based provider, that is, I am not on any insurance networks, nor do I enter into any agreements with insurance companies or third party payers, I can offer a statement which has the necessary codes to obtain “out of network” reimbursement. The client must take responsibility for knowing whether his/her policy provides this reimbursement, and the procedures to file the claim. This is between the client and his/her insurance company. The client pays me at the session, receives a statement, and files the claim directly with the insurance company.

Tax Credit

Services are considered medical treatment and therefore qualify for tax credits for medical accounts or special tax credit programs such as beneplus.

Extended Sessions

Longer sessions are available to allow for deeper work or to accommodate out of town clients. Time beyond the standard 1.5 hour session will be prorated on the official hourly fee (not the gratis fee).

Email and Phone Support

A minimum amount of email and phone support between clinical sessions is customary and a part of the paid session fees. Sometimes support is needed between sessions which goes beyond the customary amount of time. When extended email or phone support is needed, there will be clinical charges prorated on the official hourly rate. This will be discussed with the client before charges are incurred.

Review of Reports or Records

A minimum amount of reviewing of clinical documents from previous treatment or evaluations is a customary part of the session fee. When an extensive amount of review is required, clinical time will be charged prorated on the hourly rate. This will be discussed with the client before charges are incurred.