Adult Sessions

Adult sessions address a variety of topics, and are uniquely designed to meet the individual needs of the client. They may include life transition concerns, relationship problems, vocational direction, general unhappiness, or any of the issues mentioned in the descriptions here.

Parent Sessions

Parent sessions provide education about child development, explain how the biology of the brain is developed through parent-child interactions, and demonstrate how parents can change the behavior and experience of their child through their own emotional regulation and conscious approach to parent-child interactions. (See Early Childhood Development.)

Parent-Child Sessions

Parent-Child sessions are an extension of the parent session, and a part of Parent Oriented Child Psychotherapy. For young and early school age children, a play room is established which allows the child space for expression. Play is viewed as communication, and through conscious play we can remove blocks to the natural flow of development. (See Early Childhood Development.)

Individual Child Psychotherapy

Most child psychotherapy is provided with parents in the session. However, there are times when individual sessions can be productive too, for example, to help the therapist better understand the child's issues, or to provide confidential sharing for an older child or adolescent.

Couples Therapy

Two models of couple's therapy are used as the foundation for couples work: Imago Therapy developed by Harville Hendricks, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. In therapy we learn a new way of dialoguing which honors the emotional experience of both partners. Each partner has an opportunity to be heard with sensitive listening.

Special Sessions

Individual or couple intensives: Extended individual or couple sessions to allow for deep work and/or out of town clients.

Group intensives: Extended group sessions are available to allow for deep work.

Workshops: Public presentations on various topics. Look for Loving and Compassionate Parenting Workshops and other workshops.

Professional trainings: Professional trainings which provide CEs.